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KBS Trading Company Limited , we’re passionate about our product. As the oldest and largest suppliers manufacturer in Thailand, we take a great deal of pride in the quality and craftmanship that we put in to making our products . 
Our stringent quality standards apply to every product in every category and exceed industry standards. And while a primary goal of our company has been to constantly improve upon and evolve our products, one thing has never changed: KBS Trading Company Limited was founded to Manufacture and Export Agro Product to all part of the world. 
We have been the Best Producer and Licensed Exporter of Frozen Poultry products, , Dairy Products, , Poultry Eggs, Frozen Pork Parts, Sea food of all type and other products. 
KBS Trading Company Limited, is aiming to be indispensable for everyone all around the world, necessarily targeting its initial spot as the Thailand cuisine by offering a variety of products; Milk powder, Chicken Eggs, Frozen Pork Product, Frozen Poultry Product, Seafood Products etc 

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